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Caring for your selenite lamp

Selenite is a fibrous material and can splinter or shed small shards, so exercise caution when handling. Selenite is also porous so position your lamp away from moisture and clean with a dry cloth.

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About selenite

Selenite is a form of gypsum that commonly ranges from an opaque white colour to translucent in appearance. As such, selenite emits a calm, warm glow when used as a lamp.
Not only are selenite lamps visually pleasing, the inclusion of selenite in any space can have beneficial effects on the environment. Selenite is a powerful cleansing crystal. It also harmonises and enhances the vibrations of other crystals used in conjunction with it. Selenite has protective properties that shield a person or space from negativity, and aides in promoting calm and peaceful surroundings.
Given its propensity for stress relief, turning on your selenite lamp at the end of a busy (and, for many, stressful) day is the perfect way to unwind and let go.
As selenite is associated with mental clarity, helping to bring previously unrecognised issues into conscious awareness, many people use this crystal as an aid to meditation or as a tool during study.

Selenite or Salt Lamp?

We find salt lamps and selenite lamps tend to complement each other within any given space. Salt lamps specifically attract moisture in the air to remove bacteria, allergens, dust, pollen and smoke from the environment, while also releasing negative ions that aid in counteracting both environmental and electromagnetic pollutants. Whilst selenite does not possess the gyroscopic properties of salt, so will not attract moisture or ionize, you will enjoy the beneficial properties of the crystal itself.

Our customers tend to buy both selenite and salt lamps for the home, office, or studio, but how each space is used often determines whether a salt lamp or selenite lamp is a more appropriate choice. Keep in mind that salt lamps, due to their gyroscopic nature, should be left switched on, whereas this is not necessarily required with a selenite lamp. There’s a lot to love about both salt and selenite lamps; it is really a matter of positioning to get the most out of your purchase, and so the popular choice in our experience is to buy one of eac

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