GRACE Aromatherapy Diffuser


The use of ultrasonic atomization to produce negative ions sterilization dust to improve air quality; humidification, beauty, clean water into a cool water mist; ultrasonic cleaning jewelry can also adjust the index, power and durable. The use of unique “zero noise design” circuit, the use of strong air volume and low noise, long life of the shaded pole motor and innovative unique “zero noise design” circuit. Quiet operation, allowing users to use more convenient, more quiet sleep, comfortable! This Diffuser use of professional anti-overflow, leakage of the structural design, the use of machines more secure. When the machine water, fans, transformers, circuit boards all stop working, so that your machine more power, safety, energy saving and environmental protection.

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The use of ultrasonic atomisation to produce negative ions sterilise dust to improve air quality; humidification, clean water into a cool water mist.

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